We’ve got you covered if you are looking for a fresh cut or crisp lineup—no need to make an appointment. Just drop by, and we will sort you out. There may be a wait, but you won’t have to schedule an appointment 12 hours in advance.

Through the pandemic, we had to adjust how we ran our shop to comply with regulations. Now that restrictions have been lifted, we feel comfortable opening our doors to the community while maintaining a safe environment for our customers and staff.

While you wait, tap into the pulse of the neighbourhood and city. Expand your network chopping it up with people from different walks of life, you could meet one or more of the many influential movers and shakers that give the GTA its character. You never know who you might run into or what type of food or beverages are being served here.

Sit, listen, and contribute to the community therapy that is the neighbourhood barbershop. Debate society’s ideals, discuss culture at large and feel connected to the city in a way you haven’t in a long time.

Visit either our downtown Toronto barbershop or our Scarborough barbershop soon. We’ll be happy to see you and send you on your way fresh and ready to face the world with confidence.

“ These guys are the best. Reasonably priced, friendly, and very accommodating to walk-ins (though you may have to wait in line) ”




Whether outlining your fresh cut or shaping up an old one, lineups bring haircuts to life. We offer symmetry with defined straight and curved lines that respect to your natural hairline.



We can cut and fade all hair types and textures and respect the process of bringing the cut to life. Let our experts consult with you on the style you desire and then transform your image.



We provide an exceptional barber service in a clean, professional environment. Our goal is for all of our clients to exit feeling much greater than they did upon arrival.

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Walk into 1172 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, the home of Rock Da House Barbershop’s newest location, and feel the vibe immediately. Formerly Fresh Fades Barbershop this shop is now the home of one of the GTA’s longest-running black barbershops. Owned by Canadian urban entertainment legend Mark Thomas aka Rock Da House, this community-driven shop delivers an unmatched experience. Up to any challenge, the team of artfully skilled barbers offers precision haircuts and grooming for men, children, and women.

If you’re looking for fresh fades, high tops, wave cuts, afro tapers, or more Rock Da House is the place to be. We’re bringing more talent, creativity, and a stronger sense of community to Scarborough. Come and see for yourself. If you’re remotely close to Kennedy and Lawrence, this location is the best black barbershop near you. Check us out on Instagram and see what we mean @rdhbarbers. We take pride in the role we play in the community. The black barbershop has always been a pillar for most black communities as a place where people come together, ideas flow, and confidence is gained.


As an integral part of the community, black barbershops play a vital role in the well-being of the areas they serve. Rock Da House continues this tradition with community appreciation events, bulletin boards, and by providing a comfortable environment for clients to network and build camaraderie. Our pride and contribution in the communities we serve have helped to set us apart from most competition.

Over a decade ago Rock Da House opened its doors downtown Toronto, only two blocks away from the famous Eaton Center. Since our inception we’ve strived to be the best black barbershop that is a cut above the rest, the number one in the city.

Our barbers share a passion for the work they do and the people they serve. Brian has been a part of the downtown Toronto team nearly 3 years and shared when asked about the shop’s culture, “we believe in you owning your appearance and that staying ready attracts more opportunities.” He also told us, “first impressions are lasting ones,” nodding to the importance of the personal style that you present to the world.

Looking good inspires confidence, making it easier for people to chase their goals and take the risks necessary to succeed. Whether in the classroom, boardroom, or in everyday life, looking your best will help you perform your best, and when a community is operating at its best everyone wins.


Rock Da House’s flagship location at 70 Dundas Street East has been a staple in the community for over ten years. It has always been home to four of the GTA’s best barbers. Now as the new shop opens the all-star team has room to expand!

Built on commitment to community and quality service that their clients have come to rely on, their dedication to quality service. Their team of experts will make you look your best, regardless of your hair texture, its density, growth patterns or your ethnicity.

Black barbershops in Toronto have a proud tradition of being a place where you can expect to find incredible skill and memorable experiences. Rock Da House proudly maintains this tradition, while adding its own flair. “We are hard-working, pay attention to details, care about our clientele, and consistently do great work.


With over 75 years of combined experience, the Rock Da House barbershop team is the true definition of artists. Their canvas is hair, their brushes are clippers and razors, and the gallery is the world. Each cut is a statement, and they work hard to say exactly what you want.

Barbers vary in personalities and cutting styles, however, they all show up and bring their A-game day in and day out. Whether you are looking for a fade with braids, high top, wave-cut, afro taper, faux hawk, or any other style, you are in capable hands. The skilled team knows hair and their creativity shines through every cut. Rock Da House is easily one of the best black barbershop franchises in the GTA.


In the strip mall on Kennedy Road between Ellendale Drive and Cornwallis Drive, you will find the new shop. Almost directly across from Wickware Gate you will find the shop nestled between Q&P Dynasty & iFix Computers. This spot is easy to find, unlike their flagship location which can be easily missed since they’ve moved to the third floor.

Come On In

Rock Da House is open and happily serving the community. Whether you want to book in advance or walk in, their team will be ready and happy to make sure you leave happy with the way you look.

Scarborough is in safe hands now that the number 1 black barbershop in Toronto has opened up shop. Show your support for a black-owned and operated business in your area. Go say, “Hi,” the team looks forward to seeing.