Welcome to Rock Da House Barbershop! The best place in the city for that fresh cut, gradient fade, crispy line up, and that authentic Toronto black barbershop experience.

Interested in knowing what makes RDH Barbershop the best in the 6ix, and some of our keys to longevity and greatness?

Well, the easiest way for you to find out would be to head over right now and experience it for yourself. If that is not an option for you just keep reading and I’m sure you’ll find yourself paying us a visit in no time.


Founded over 8 years ago, in the heart of downtown Toronto, our barbershop has become a community staple and is home to 4 of the best barbers that the city has to offer. Located at 70 Dundas Street East, 2 blocks east of the Toronto Eaton Center, and directly next door to the Burrito Boyz, we are perfectly situated for your convenience. Now a 3rd floor establishment, this location is easy to miss if you’re not paying attention, but the barbershop’s banner and other signage will let you know that you’re at the right place.

Our barbers vary in personalities and cutting styles, but one thing they share in common is that they show up and bring their A-game day in and day out. We built this house with commitment to our community and quality service that our clients have come to expect. Regardless of your hair texture, its density, growth patterns or your ethnicity our team are experts at making you look your best.


All great barbershops need great people and we pride ourselves on having the best. Take your pick of any one of the barbers in the shop, whether Bailey, Brian, Mario (aka Trini), or Tony, we guarantee satisfaction. With over 75 years of combined experience these guys are the true definition of artful. It really doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a fade with braids, high top, wave cut, afro taper, faux hawk or anything else, these guys know hair and their creativity is poured into every cut!

The Toronto black barbershop has earned a reputation for being a place where you can expect to come across incredible talent and memorable experiences, and we proudly upkeep this tradition. We are hard working, pay attention to details, care about our clientele, and consistently do great work.


Our barbers and clients make our barbershop environment a fun and exciting place to be, and the sense of community here is like no other. Not only are they great to make conversation with while you’re sitting in our chairs, but from the moment they open the doors until they close for the night, these guys keep the jokes and positive energy flowing freely.

And, if you happen to be here when our 5th man, the owner, Mr. Rock Da House himself is in, you’ll be in for another great treat! Not only does he set the tone for the incredible energy that you will always find at Rock Da House Barbershop, but if you’re here when he is, you can expect unprecedented hospitality. From our iconic customer appreciation days to our random promotions and celebrations, we keep the community in mind and take the efforts to show them our gratitude. We not only want you to make sure you look like a million bucks, but we want to make sure you feel like a million bucks as well! It’s definitely a vibe to remember, but the vibe is only the beginning!

Now at this point the only thing left to talk about is… the price, right? With everything that RDH Barbershop offers, one would never expect to find the best prices in the city here, but that is exactly what you get. You simply won’t find better prices anywhere else, especially not downtown Toronto. In addition, if you’re looking to take advantage of some of the special deals we do from time to time, be sure to follow us on Instagram @rdhbarbers! See you soon!